Francis Collins:Decolonising Migration Studies?



讲座题目:Decolonising Migration Studies?

讲座嘉宾:Francis Collins 教授

讲座时间:2022512 15:00

主持人:   王炳钰 教授

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1. 讲座摘要

Migration is deeply entangled with colonialism, not only in the historical emergence of nation-states, sovereignty and mobility but in the ongoing continuation of colonial power relations underpinned by racism and exploitation. Placing colonialism at the centre of this presentation, I begin by discussing the fundamental coloniality of migration studies, the way in which dominant understandings of and responses to human mobility are situated in relation to European expansion, imperialism and emigration since the 15th century. The report then addresses two broad alternative responses to migration knowledge production and politics. Firstly, I address the influence of postcolonialism in broadening insights into migration beyond the West, accounts of racialisation and the privileging of whiteness in migration governance and knowledge. Secondly, I draw attention to recent accounts linking critical migration research to decolonising agendas, including an emphasis on the positionality of researchers, Indigenous knowledges and responses to migration, challenges to the control of migration, and emergent solidarity movements. Through this discussion, I argue that coloniality and ongoing colonialism remain at the centre of the field of migration studies and that, as such, decolonising entails engaging with knowledge production in migration studies even if the long-term aim is dismantlement of the field of study itself.


2. 讲座嘉宾简介


Francis Collins,新西兰怀卡托大学教授,新西兰国家人口经济研究所主任(Professor of Geography at the University of Waikato, Director of the National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis),其主要研究领域为国际移民与流动以及人口变迁与城市融合,具体包括亚太地区移民流动、暂时性移民、国际留学生流动、城市转型、高等教育与城市全球化等。Collins教授研究成果卓越,目前已发表100多篇高水平学术论文,并有多篇先后发表于Progress in Human Geography, Journal of Ethnic and Migration StudiesSociology等一系列世界顶级期刊。其著作也在多个世界知名出版社出版,包括Global Asian City: migration, desire and the politics of encounter in 21st century Seoul (Wiley 2018), Intersections of Inequality, Migration and Diversification (Palgrave 2020), Aspiration, Desire and the Drivers of Migration (Routledge 2020) and Handbook of Transnationalism (Edward Elgar 2022).



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